The Chiren® – by J. Boswinkel

The Chiren® is an instrument that consists of two parts:

1) An assessment system – to measure whether and where there are disturbances and to determine which information will correct them

2) A biofeedback system – to correct these disturbances.


The assessment system in the Chiren® has its base in the electro-acupuncture-according-to-Voll (EAV). It simply measures the galvanic resistance of the skin, which is observed on the screen as a straight line or a hyperbole.

When one measures biophoton emission with Popp’s photomultiplier and then skin-resistance with a measurement device according to Voll, it is observed that a straight line in EAV corresponds with maximum photon coherency and that a hyperbole corresponds with chaotic light.

Hence the measurement system in the Chiren®, which is based on EAV, gives a quantitative indication that corresponds fully with biophoton emission. A hyperbole shows biophoton-incoherence or a disturbance and a straight line is an indication of biophoton-coherence (laser light) or health.

When the quantitative measurement of an acupuncture point shows a hyperbole, a qualitative assessment can be done with the Chiren® to find out what causes the imbalance. This measurement will determine, based on the quality of the chaotic signal coming from the body, what information is needed to correct biophoton coherence and thus the self-healing ability of the body.

The biofeedback system of the Chiren® sends the opposite information of the disturbing signals that were measured, back into the body. This way the disturbances will be cancelled out or neutralized. At the same time the coherent, healthy biophoton emission is amplified and given back to the body to give extra strength and assist recovery.


The capabilities and special programs of the Chiren® are numerous. Some of the treatment possibilities are:

standard programs for adults and children
program to correct neurological dysfunctions caused by whiplash and improve scars
program to correct bio-magnetic dysfunction (electron spin-inversion)
program to improve brain function and especially dyslexia
program to cancel out disruptive information

The extensive library in the Chiren® includes information of many diseases and disease causing substances or lifeforms to match the signal coming from the body.