About us

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In 1991 Health Angel Foundation was founded in Europe to promote the research and practice of Biontology® worldwide through basic and clinical scientific studies and educational outreach in the field of biophotons.


Biophoton therapy

Through the use of biophotons, we aim to re-establish the foundation of our clients’ health in order to fully restore their self-healing ability. Further experience with this fundamental aspect of biophysics is anticipated to revolutionize the way we think about health, and in the process to free many people from chronic disease.


To date, more than 600 trained practitioners of Biontology® led by Health Angel Foundation founder Johan Boswinkel and teachers of Health Angel Academy have helped more than 100,000 people eliminate chronic health problems safely, quickly, and without the need for ongoing follow-up treatments.

Scientific research

In recent years, biophoton therapy has been the focus of both fundamental and applied research. In addition to working with individuals suffering from medical complaints, Health Angel Foundation also conducts research in animals and food crops.