Use of the forum

The forum is accessible for practitioners and students of Biontology® only.

If you’re not a practitioner or a student but are interested to know more about Biontology®, please contact the Health Angel Academy


General guidelines

  • Questions posted to the forum should be concise and to-the-point. If answers can easily be found in the manual or on the internet, the question will be removed from the forum.
  • If a discussion follows a question, it should always be focused on the case or issue that was presented in the first message. When an interesting subject comes up that is not helpful in answering the specific request of the practitioner who posted the first message, a new post with this discussion should be started elsewhere on the forum.
  • All information posted on the forum, whether in the form of a question or in the form of an answer or advice, should be solely about Biontology® and the system Johan Boswinkel personally developed. Referring to other therapies or supplements is not allowed on the Biontology® forum – please refer to other websites for support using other modalities.
  • Other informational remedies that some practitioners like to use within their own practices, but that are not part of the standard list in the Chiren® or added by Johan Boswinkel specifically, are not allowed on the forum. Biontology® is a generalistic approach that doesn’t need to “attack” every specific complaint with a specific remedy. Johan Boswinkel started out with many remedies and reduced them to the standard set that is now in the Chiren® with the addition of a few others that he found to be highly effective. Crowding the forum with new “experiments” without fully understanding this thoroughly tested and very effective package would create confusion and limit its usefulness. To date, Johan Boswinkel still is the most effective practitioner of Biontology®, with the highest success rate over the shortest treatment period, which indicates that the relatively small package of remedies in the Chiren® is almost always sufficient for successful treatments.

Case presentation guidelines

Students and practitioners should adopt the following style when presenting a case or answering questions on the forum.

  • The client should be described in short, precise words and sentences.
  • A general list of the symptoms should be made without getting into too much detail. Note that medical diagnoses are of no importance to the treatment and should be omitted or very limited.
  • Then the general picture gotten in the measurements and sessions should be described.
  • Finally the reason for posting on the forum should be given. Possibilities include a description of the problems the practitioner experiences in this specific case, questions the practitioner can’t answer him/herself, or the request for input about a specific case.
  • After presenting a case, the practitioner should always give feedback about whether advice was used and if it made a difference. Practitioners are urged to share results of given advice.

Sample posting

By answering the following questions one by one you’ll get a good presentation of your case.

  • what were the starting symptoms? – ……………….
  • where did you measure drops on? – ……………….
  • how many treatments were given? – ……………….
  • which remedies have you been using (per session)? – ……………….
  • which symptoms were resolved? – ……………….
  • which symptoms are unresolved? – ……………….
  • what other interesting observations did you make? – ……………….



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