Pioneering in a promising field

We are just beginning to explore the full range of possibilities that can be realized with biophoton science. Not only has it shown great promise in treating physical diseases and emotional trauma, it has also been applied in agriculture, pest control and the food industry.

All living cells and substances that contain water appear to respond to the Chiren®, which makes its field of application very broad. It truly is an exciting time for research in Biontology®.

Studies using the Chiren®

In 2008, training in biophoton science became available at the master’s and doctoral level through the Complementary Health Sciences program of Inter-University College in Graz, Austria, which represents more than 30 European universities. To date, 17 master’s theses have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Chiren®. The Health Angel Foundation also conducts research in animals and food crops in cooperation with the Dutch Agriculture University of Wageningen.

Published studies

A number of studies using the Chiren® have been published.

Chronic health complaints in children and adolescents and “biophoton therapy” – a pilot study

Biophoton therapy and its perceptible effect on human blood

Effects of Biophoton treatment, on isolated rat cortical neurons, through the Biophoton device according to J. Boswinkel

Results for the Chiren and fields with poultry

Repeatability of measurements of galvanic skin response – a pilot study



Many other studies have been done on biophotons on a more fundamental level.

On coherence theory of biophoton emission

Cancer growth and its inhibition in terms of coherence

Biophoton emission is correlated to resistance values of the skin

The photon and its energy

Interesting books and articles

Biophotonen – Das Licht in unseren Zellen by Marco Bischof

Vernadsky’s Method – Biophysics And the Life Process by Wolfgang Lillge, M.D.

Bonghan Duct and Acupuncture Meridian as Optical Channel of Biophoton by Kwang-Sup Soh