What causes disease?

Cause versus symptoms

When a person experiences physical, emotional or mental problems, a causative disturbance is always found in the quality of biophoton emission (light).

Symptoms, which are merely expressions of this underlying cause, are that what is often called the disease. In Biontology® however symptoms are seen as a means of the body to attract attention to a problem, not as the problem itself. In other words, symptoms are not the disease, but disease expresses itself through symptoms. When this is fully understood it makes no sense to fight a disease on the level of its symptoms, like so many mainstream and alternative therapies do. In Biontology® the integrity of a human’s own light is restored, hence addressing disease on the causative level.

Biophoton incoherence or chaos 

Human beings, like every lifeform, have a unique signature in their light expression. When signals of another origin disturb the integrity of the light, symptoms appear. Disruptive signals can for example originate from bacteria, vaccinations, cell phone radiation, trauma or bad relationships.

Initially when there’s something wrong, the body expresses subtle symptoms that are easiliy overlooked, but as the disturbance continues to exist these symptoms grow in intensity until they cannot be ignored anymore. At this point usually a doctor is consulted who prescribes medication or surgery to get rid of the physical manifestations. Symptom treatment like this can give relief, but since it doesn’t address the underlying light imbalance, it hardly ever corrects the body’s self-regulatory abilities.

With the Chiren® the quality of the biophoton emission can easily be restored even when problems are manifested in the physical body. The moment the light signals are corrected, the body’s biochemistry will follow its proper path again, and the physical reality will change automatically.

Key role of the hormonal system

The hormonal system plays a central role in the body’s self-healing ability and is the first system that is corrected in Biontology® treatment. Especially the pituitary gland, which translates electrical (nervous) impulses into chemical (hormonal) signals, is of key importance for self-regulation. A properly functioning pituitary gland allows discrimination between what’s healthy and unhealthy on all levels.