October 15, 2015

“To Whom It May Concern,

It is an honor to write a testimonial for Johan Boswinkel.  A very intelligent and deep thinking man who’s continual questioning of assumptions has led him to inventing one of the most comprehensive and unique health instruments of our time.  Most importantly he knows better than anyone how to use biophoton technology to help people with life long illness and diseases that modern medicine deems incurable.  I know this from first hand experience. 

Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease type 1 (PKD type I) which my mother died of at age 69.  She had to have dialysis and a kidney transplant in her 60’s, and I was told that I would probably develop problems earlier in my 50’s, since I had type 1 and she had type 2.  I was also told there was no cure for the disease, and that a healthy lifestyle and low salt /low caffeine diet would only slow down the progression of the disease. 

Slowly the cysts on my kidney grew and grew until one day my right kidney hemorrhaged.  I had to go to the emergency room and was unable to walk or function for three months.  I eventually got better but still vomited a lot and had swollen ankles and abdomen.  I had so many cysts they could not count and my kidney was functioning at 36 percent.  

So I decided to come to the Netherlands to get regular treatments from Johan Boswinkel.  I had incontinence, diarrhea, and edema (swollen ankles), was extremely tired, and had blue veins on my legs and midsection.  My kidneys were so large and swollen that I could not sleep on my left side.  Also, I was feeling lethargic and depressed with no hope for the future. 

Over five treatments my circulation improved, the blue veins went away, and my edema is gone. Also my incontinence and diarrhea are gone, and my left kidney no longer aches so I can sleep on both sides.  It is amazing how Johan’s invention plus his expert technique was able to produce such positive results in just five treatments once per week.

I thank Johan Boswinkel for creating awareness around the dominant role of physics in physiology and pathology, and leading the way towards a future of medicine that facilitates true healing.  Most sincerely,”

Karen Visscher, USA


August 2, 2015

“I have struggled with generalized anxiety, OCD, manic depression, and social anxiety since I moved when I was eleven. For four years, I was put on medication after medication which resulted in a freeze of my emotional capabilities. Because of the lack of success with medication and therapy, there seemed to be no other way out. After each Chiren® treatment, I felt less exhausted and less symptoms of each disorder. After about seven treatments, that was all I needed to rid myself of all of these mental disorders. Biontology® does not only help physical symptoms, but also mental. I reference Biontology® to any person ailed with a disorder of physical injury because I am fully convinced that this practice can heal anything.”

M. Nielsen



May 7, 2015

” As I’m in my 3rd year as a practitioner, I realize each day how much I’ve learned from both of you. When I first started my training I was very sick (as you saw when we first met) and did not have a picture of what my future would be.

Biontology has literally given me a new life that has developed on it’s own. My practice grew only through word of mouth and no effort on my part. I’ve had an ongoing wait list for new clients for over a year now.

More importantly, it’s given me a new way to view the world that is life-changing. So thank you to both of you for helping me open my mind and create a new life and help others along the way. It’s truly an honor!”

Anonymous, USA


October 7, 2013

“I am so grateful for all the help Biontology® has given me on my healing journey! In June 2012 I had an abnormal breast thermogram, TH4 on the left breast TH3 on the right. (On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the worst).

I immediately radically changed my diet, eliminating all sugar, processed food, caffeine, meat, etc. Three months later I retested and the results got worse, a TH5 left breast, TH4 right breast. I tried many things to improve the situation, including a very clean diet, juicing, supplements, infared hot house, chi machine, and lymphatic massage. I’m sure all these things were helpful, but not enough. At this time I was also having many symptoms of hormone imbalance. Although I am only 44, I had intense hot flashes, night sweats, and a very irregular menstrual cycle. I restested in March 2013 and my thermogram results were the same. I had not improved at all.

So, in March I began weekly biophoton treatments. I stopped taking ALL my supplements at this time. After the first several treatments I had very large detox symptoms. A few times I really thought I had the flu. I was very tired for a few days and had strong headaches. As time went on, these symptoms were less and my treatments were easier. Finally, I felt no adverse reaction to the treatments.

My latest thermogram test results showed GREAT improvement! I am now a TH3 left breast and TH1 right breast! I couldn’t be happier! I know my body is much more balanced. My hot flashes and night sweats completely disappeared and my menstrual cycle is normal again! I am sure that the biophoton treatments turned my condition around.”



September 10, 2013

“The following is to let you know, how much we have learned in a short span of time, how all seems to fall into place, how delighted we are, and humbled too, that we already, in this early stage of our study, seem to be able to help people in regaining balance and build up their immune system. 

Not only the Chiren® as an instrument, but the treatment protocols as well, proved to be very effective right from the start.

After following the basic course having worked with 15 volunteering people in the last two months, having given some 40 treatments so far, the results are amazing. Almost all cases showed a very positive outcome so far.

 Some of the cases:

 1. A fibroid tumor has stopped growing. More time and further treatment will show what results will be in the long run.

2. A young boy with ADHD did not have any aggression attack since the last treatment. It is a month now.

3. A man hasn’t felt neck pain anymore since his treatment a month ago, while he had suffered from this his whole life. 

4. A woman who suffered from fatigue and is diagnosed with a slow functioning thyroid, is feeling absolutely well after a few treatments. Because of the amazing improvement in her energy we’re going to see her daughter next.

5. A frozen shoulder that we were not told about during the sessions, spontaneously disappeared as a “side-effect” of the biontology treatment. The woman who had suffered from the frozen shoulder for years, told us that she had done all kinds of therapies and had accepted the inconvenience as incurable. She was not able to sleep on her left side for many months and after first treatment she did so for the first time, realizing it was gone.

This beautiful case showed us that what happened was not a placebo-effect, since neither we, nor the person we were treating were focussed on getting rid of this symptom. The woman even believed that nothing would help! Just by having treated what we measured, and what apparently was the underlying cause, symptoms disappeared… in just a few days! 

 6. A 7 years old girl got rid of her food allergy, which had caused constant diarrhoea from the moment she was born, in just one treatment. Other allergies disappeared as well.

According to her parents she has never been as euphoric as on that day after the session. On the way back home when they stopped to overlook the sea, she danced her way on the beach. When they asked how she felt, she described it in one word: ‘perfect!’ This was a word she had never used before. She is since then doing very, very well.”

Feiko and Annette, Biontology Students, the Netherlands


February 19, 2013

It has been 15 years since I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I always have been in pain and felt the need to use a painkiller frequently. When I stayed in the same position for a long time, especially when sleeping at night, I used to have a lot of pain.

Since I started getting the treatment, the pain was gone an I can sleep well again. I also had problems with bowel movement, that was always soft, and with urination. Now these problems are gone.

I can tell inside my body has changed. I feel like my body is much lighter now. As my body changed my mood has also changed in a good way. I’m happier now.

Chieko Kobayashi, Honolulu Hawaii


May 30, 2013

” The effects of the Chiren® on the health of my family amazes me on a daily basis, but the difference it has made in my little boy’s life is just remarkable. 

My youngest (4th) child was born when I already worked with the Chiren®. He is now 10 months old and has never had any medical intervention or therapy except for the Chiren® treatment. People often tell me that he’s the “most harmonic and happy child they have ever seen” and then ask me how I have done it!

Since I’ve learned that children often get a whiplash (energetic scar in the neck) during labour, I have treated him for this when he was only 2 days old. During/after the whiplash treatment I saw a change in him that I haven’t seen ever before or ever since. A kind of “peace and harmony” came over him that was very special.

What I observe in my baby is that he is so much healthier than any of my other children. He is almost never sick! He never has stomach cramps no matter what I eat. When breast feeding I don’t have to avoid food (e.g. onion) like I had to with the other children. He easily falls asleep and sleeps very well. But most important, he is just so happy! Even when he is just waking up he smiles or makes happy sounds…

So if I had the Chiren® before. I would have treated all of my children from day 1. :-)

Cecilie, Norway


May 13, 2013

For many years a dear friend of mine visits me every Sunday to enjoy a cup of coffee together. One of those Sundays he enthusiastically told me about his new Chikey® and I volunteered immediately for a little experiment to see what it would do for me. His Biontology therapist had created several cards from which I chose to try the aura/energy treatment.

I have been on anti depressants for 4 years and started to reduce the dose a year ago and also suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.

The first thing I noticed that my left wrist didn’t hurt as much as it did. I have been treated with the Chikey® for 4 weeks now (10 minutes every time) and my right wrist is currently improving too.

Another amazing thing that happened is that the light treatment connected me to my feelings again and for the first time in 4 years I cried when I visited my mother on mothers day. She was so happy to see my emotion….. !

I’m convinced that through these treatments I’m now on my way back to a perfectly healthy life.

Cindy Ral, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


April 26, 2013

” I saw a biontologist  for three sessions. When I started my complaints were: hormonal imbalance, menopause related issues with headaches and sleep disruption.

After the sessions I felt a great sense of well-being from the inside out, as if all my individual cells were happy and functioning at peak performance. My headaches and sleep issues were much improved.

My biontologist also worked on health issues going back to my childhood. This was a powerful way to clear old baggage and make room for my healthiest possible future.

I also experienced several unexpected side benefits. My skin became more moist and supple, my hair is healthier, and my kidney functions improved. All in all, incredible results for a treatment that doesn’t hurt, is non-invasive, works immediately and takes only about an hour per session! 

Jenn B.


April 24, 2013

” I have had arthritis in my hands for ten years. It affected three fingers and my thumb. During flare-ups I would experience a lot of pain and swelling. Homeopathic remedies helped, however, I had to keep taking the remedies or it would flare up again and I had to be careful what I ate particularly the nightshades. It was getting progressively worse.

As I held the steering wheel on the way to my first treatment with the Chiren® I was having a lot of pain in one of my worst flare-ups. On the way back I realized, as I held the steering wheel that the pain was gone. Wow! Since then,1 1/2 years, that degree of pain has never come back. My first two treatments were with another practitioner.

My current practitioner I started seeing several months later. She has treated me on a number of occasions. There have been times when I have started the treatment in pain, however, immediately after each treatment the pain is noticeably less or gone entirely. I now only have pain –to a much lesser degree- in one finger and occasionally in the lower joint in my thumb. My arthritis is now getting progressively better! One of my fingers has returned to normal. I don’t have to be careful about what I eat, even the night shades. I have been practicing holistic health for over 40 years and this is the most effective treatment I have ever experienced.”

Shellie Fielden, Honolulu HI


April 22, 2013

” Life is coming back in me… I’m deeply touched! The skin color of my hands is much less yellow, circulation is completely restored! My head is relaxing and I’m much more present! I’m so grateful to have been introduced to the Chikey®!!! “

Anonymous Pilot


April 22, 2013

My daughter had breakouts on the face and body when we went to see a Biontologist. In between sessions she had two breakouts. The first one needed hydrocortisone creme, but the second breakout was mild and only lasted two days. She has not had a breakout after the third session on to this date. The fourth session was done to ensure the energy body was balanced and functions well.

JH & K


April 19, 2013

” To Whom It may Concern, I would like to state that my experiences with my ‘Biophotonics’ sessions have been very impressive. First off my practitioner nailed my old, ongoing problem in our first session, my kidneys. I had not mentioned this problem to her beforehand.

After several sessions, all my kidney pains ceased. I had been afraid that I was going to have another attack of kidney stones or kidney gravel. This has been a lifelong problem with me. About a month later I had my yearly checkup with my Urologist, and he found that my kidneys were clear on my ultrasound results, and there was absolutely no blood in my urine, indicating practically zero probability of any particulates in the kidney!

The sessions have also helped a nagging psoriasis/dry skin problem that I have had. I also find the sessions to be very non-intrusive. Although I find the theory behind Biophotonics to be a bit strange with respect to my Electrical Engineering training, I choose to accept data/results over the necessity of a ‘theoretical fit’. “

Dave B, Fort Collins CO


April 15, 2013

“I started taking my son Ryan for Biontology® in February 2013 because he had been complaining of headaches and stomachaches for several months and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Over the years this was a common complaint, but recently it had been getting worse. It was amazing how quickly his health got better.  It was only about 2 sessions before we saw results. It is now April and he hasn’t had any more symptoms. 

My son also has dyslexia and he had special training previously which improved his reading skills but his spelling was still in bad shape.  We started him on Biontology® for that.  He had sessions for 10 days of 15 minutes a day.  After the first 10 day sessions were over, we tested him and noticed an improvement in his spelling.  He was so excited about the improvement that he asked for a second round of sessions which he is currently doing.  His attitude has improved since we started having Biophoton therapy and he is getting along with his sister now.  All in all, we are very happy with the results we are seeing.

I was so impressed that now both my daughter and I are having Biophoton sessions.  I have noticed improvements in my health as well as my daughter’s.

In mid-March, our dog had gotten into a lot of chocolate that we were saving for Easter.  It was coming out both ends and finally our Biophoton practitioner decided to give our dog a session.  It was interesting trying to give the dog  therapy by securing the bars on with velcro.  But it worked!  No more incidents to clean up.

All in all, we are very happy with the results we are seeing.”

Ann L., Fort Collins


April 1, 2013

“A couple of years ago I met a student of Biontology®, who asked me to be a test-case for her training. This was the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. Emotionally and physically I was wrecked, because of a nasty divorce 2 years earlier when I also moved back to the Netherlands. All the stress got stuck in my body and I wasn’t able to move forward.

Every time I got a Chiren® treatment I felt better immediately or was very tired, to feel even better after a day or two. Sometimes I really felt amazing, beyond what I thought I was able to experience. People around me started noticing I was more relaxed. It is, for example, not easy for me to learn things, but one day after a treatment I had a course in sign language the same evening and I got a lot of compliments of other students on how concentrated, clearheaded and effective I was. This was very good for my self confidence!

I’m doing very well right now, but since I still feel the positive effect right after a treatment I bought a ChiKey® to be able to treat myself at home. My health insurance doesn’t cover the number of treatments I would like to have every year and the Chiren® was financially out of my league. So I was thrilled when I found out about the new ChiKey®, which is really affordable and easy to use. I started putting money aside as soon as I heard it would be on the market. Now I’m treating myself every week and go to a biophoton therapist only two times a year for check-up, since for real problems I still need a good assessment of course.

I’m so grateful to have found biontology in this problematic time of my life. The difference it has made in the quality of my life is huge. I’m alive again!”

Robert Lof, Amsterdam the Netherlands


March 14, 2013

” We are so grateful we found you towards the end of Howard’s life. The Chiren® reduced his pain and inflammation and gave him much comfort during his last days.

You turned my life around with the treatment as I have become stronger and healthier. This made it possible for me to care totally for Howard in the past months.

We are very grateful to all of you, particularly Johan, who invented Chiren® to help so many people like us. I just wished we have known you earlier so Howard could have had more time with us.”

Charlotte D.

IABS response: Howard came to us with end stage bladder cancer as the medical establishment couldn’t do anything for him anymore. There was not enough strength in his body left to fight, although his spirit was strong until the end. Thank you for these beautiful words Charlotte. 


March 1, 2013

” My experience with Biontology® and my belief in Biontology is based on the fact that it saved my life! Diagnosed with Myelofibrosis and CMML I rejected chemotherapy and drug trials in my “terminal illness” and am now enjoying near perfect health due to the Chiren® instrument.

I am actively practicing in the Marin, and North Bay area and have witnessed remarkable “near miracles” in many of the clients I have worked with. I do not promise this, however I do believe in the ability of this instrument to take one to the highest state of wellbeing possible, working with the client as an active participating partner.

Many of my clients have Lyme, and a variety of ailments and illnesses from seizures, to chronic fatigue, back pain etc. And with those diagnosed, with very serious illnesses, the response to this therapy is “remarkable”, just as mine was noted in the medical doctor’s charts following my progress after I was treated with this and no other therapy.

This is a non invasive procedure based on working with the whole body to find the root of the problem, not just eliminating the symptoms. It is a concise, kind and gentle way of understanding how to assist healing.I consider it an honor to work on each individual.

JL, California



February 28, 2013

” I am so happy to tell you that my friend, who was in liver failure and dying, is ALIVE!

He is even back to work! I talked with him today and he has further healing to do, but the fact that he is alive is a miracle. When I wrote you in December, he was in the ICU at the hospital and then he was transferred to Hospice care.

Words are not adequate to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly when I wrote you in December. I began treating him immediately and continued for several weeks. Now it is up to him to come and see me regularly so that he can continue his healing and achieve a new state of vibrant health.

With gratitude, “

Carol, Colorado