How to become a Biontologist®

Practitioners’ testimonials

” As I’m in my 3rd year as a practitioner, I realize each day how much I’ve learned. When I first started my training I was very sick and did not have a picture of what my future would be.

Biontology® has literally given me a new life that has developed on it’s own. My practice grew only through word of mouth and no effort on my part. I’ve had an ongoing wait list for new clients for over a year now.

More importantly, it’s given me a new way to view the world that is life-changing. So thank you to both of you for helping me open my mind and create a new life and help others along the way. It’s truly an honor!” 

T. – Chiren® Practitioner, United States


“The following is to let you know, how much we have learned in a short span of time, how all seems to fall into place, how delighted we are, and humbled too, that we already, in this early stage of our study, seem to be able to help people in regaining balance and build up their immune system. 

Not only the Chiren® as an instrument, but the treatment protocols as well, proved to be very effective right from the start.

After following the basic course having worked with 15 volunteering people in the last two months, having given some 40 treatments so far, the results are amazing. Almost all cases showed a very positive outcome so far.

 Some of the cases:

 1. A fibroid tumor has stopped growing. More time and further treatment will show what results will be in the long run.

2. A young boy with ADHD did not have any aggression attack since the last treatment. It is a month now.

3. A man hasn’t felt neck pain anymore since his treatment a month ago, while he had suffered from this his whole life. 

4. A woman who suffered from fatigue and is diagnosed with a slow functioning thyroid, is feeling absolutely well after a few treatments. Because of the amazing improvement in her energy we’re going to see her daughter next.

5. A frozen shoulder that we were not told about during the sessions, spontaneously disappeared as a “side-effect” of the biontology treatment. The woman who had suffered from the frozen shoulder for years, told us that she had done all kinds of therapies and had accepted the inconvenience as incurable. She was not able to sleep on her left side for many months and after first treatment she did so for the first time, realizing it was gone.

This beautiful case showed us that what happened was not a placebo-effect, since neither we, nor the person we were treating were focussed on getting rid of this symptom. The woman even believed that nothing would help! Just by having treated what we measured, and what apparently was the underlying cause, symptoms disappeared… in just a few days! 

 6. A 7 years old girl got rid of her food allergy, which had caused constant diarrhoea from the moment she was born, in just one treatment. Other allergies disappeared as well.

According to her parents she has never been as euphoric as on that day after the session. On the way back home when they stopped to overlook the sea, she danced her way on the beach. When they asked how she felt, she described it in one word: ‘perfect!’ This was a word she had never used before. She is since then doing very, very well.”

Feiko and Annet – Certified Biontologists®, the Netherlands

(testimonial was given in 2013 when they had just started their studies)


Become a Chiren® practitioner – basic training

Biontology® training is a major commitment. Therefore, it is not well-suited to people who are hoping to learn the practice “on the side” and practice it only secondary to another healing modality. Mastering the use of the Chiren® instrument, like mastering a musical instrument, takes careful observation and extensive practice. Biontology® also requires that you let go of prior assumptions and be open to the training and the new ways of thinking that it entails. In addition to the formal instruction of the biophoton basic training course, trainees must spend substantial time on their own familiarizing themselves with the Chiren® and perfecting their technique.

For those up to the demands of the training, however, Biontology® offers insight into the true nature of being, eliminating the barriers that traditionally separate the emotional and mental from the physical and allowing the skilled practitioner to bring about remarkable transformations in clients.


Overview and timeline

Our basic training course consists of 7 days of formal training – five days in person (Basic 1) and the remainder via videoconference (Basic 2). When courses are organized by a certified Biontologist®, classes are smaller, and Basic 1 and Basic 2 will be combined into one 5 day course that covers all topics.

Throughout the first year after purchase of their Chiren®, students have access to an online forum that serves as a huge library of experience and information. The Chiren® and all accessories are included in the course package.

Basic 1 + 2  cover Chiren® functions and possibilities; fundamentals of biophoton science; measuring the points and learning the various Chiren® programs; energetic anatomy, physiology, and pathology; finding correlations between symptoms and causes; and treatment protocols.

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Become a Certified Biontologist®

After finishing the initial training and sufficient practice, a choice can be made to become a Certified Biontologist®, which guarantees ongoing support from the Health Angel Academy.

All Certified Biontologists® are required to submit 3 Case Study Reports of successful treatments every year.