Biophoton instruments

The Chiren® 3.0 

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The Chiren® 3.0 is our latest generation instrument for Biontologists® and was developed in 2021. It is battery-powered and comes with an upgraded, improved treatment technology and an easier, yet comprehensive user interface. This Chiren® upgrade allows for a faster and more effective therapy application for the more experienced Biontologist® as well as a shorter learning curve for the novice Biontologist®. Due to license restrictions Chiren®3.0 is only available under certain conditions. For more information contact


IMPORTANT NOTE: If any of the below used instruments is offered to you, mind that all services and repairs are only available through our Dutch foundation Health Angel Services. Some parts of the older devices may not be available anymore. Please, contact for further information.


The Starlight (2000-2005)


The Starlight is the first biophoton device that uses fiber optic technology. It was developed in 2000 and is used in combination with a computer (older Windows versions) interface. The Starlight is no longer produced, but many practitioners around the world still work with it. The biophoton technology in this instrument is the same as in our latest device, the Chiren® 3.0.






The Chiren® 1.0 & 2.0 (2005-2015)

Chiren hand

The Chiren® 1.0 & 2.0 are the older generation instruments developed after the Starlight production stopped. They have a touchscreen interface and are much more practical in their use than the Starlight. These devices came with the option for a battery pack and don’t need a computer/laptop to function. The design stems from 2005, and in 2015 the final edition was produced and sold. The biophoton technology in these instruments is the same as in our latest device, the Chiren® 3.0


The Chikey® (2013)

chip_handThe Chikey® limited edition- is a smaller biophoton device that has specifically been created for animals and agriculture. It has the same functionality of filtering and amplifying biophoton emission as the larger instruments. This pocket-size instrument is ideal as a preventative tool for animals and plants, that restores biophoton-coherence. Another use is quality enhancement of food and drink. The Chikey® limited edition was introduced April 2013.