Applications of biophoton science


Human health

Biophoton science is currently used mainly to treat physical ailments of a functional nature and emotional trauma. It is also very promising as a preventative health measure. A check-up of the quality of biophoton emission once in a while will prevent physical disturbances from building.

Other applications

Biophoton science is a young field, and the full range of possible applications is still being discovered. A number of universities are currently conducting research on the Chiren® and applications of biophotons. Basic biological studies have shown that biophoton therapy has perceptible effects on cells including human red blood cells and developing brain cells (from rats). In addition to its effects on human health, biontology has also shown great promise in agricultural and other practical uses, such as stimulating germination in plants, maintaining healthy livestock, repelling pests, and keeping food fresh longer. Our research page includes details of many published studies.