Unique opportunity for private Biontology® training at home

We are happy to be able to offer you a brand new solution for gaining easy access to Dr. Boswinkel’s Chiren® technology and Biontology® trainings, unrestricted by your whereabouts in the world.

Our certified trainer Kataleyna is now available to deliver your therapy instrument, as well as provide you with the required hands-on guidance privately at your doorstep.

With the current hassle of international as well as local travel, private Biontology® trainings have become very popular and are in high demand. So, get into contact with Kataleyna soon to be able to secure your preferred training-dates and Chiren® home-delivery.

Locations in Candada, USA, UK, and Europe will fit most easily inbetween trainings that are already booked. However, even if you are located somewhere else, don’t hesitate to contact Health Angel Academy for more information. We aim to accommodate you as much as we can.

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