Rare opportunity to acquire a Chikey®!

From the moment the  Chickey® biophoton device (limited edition for home use) was introduced, it has been an absolute winner. Selling out in just a short period, it received nothing but raving reviews from its users. And now that it is not produced anymore, most lucky owners are holding on to their Chikey®, even if they are offered higher prices than were initially paid.

These last few years we had to disappoint many people interested in buying a Chikey®, but now, I have got some exciting news. Health Angel Services was asked to mediate in selling not just one, but even two Chikeys® to the highest bidder. A true opportunity for those who really appreciate, and have experienced our therapy devices before and want to have the treatment available at home at any time.

For more information contact Health Angel Academy, and you will be brought into contact with the owner of the Chickeys® so you can negotiate a price

Please mention your phone number and timezone.



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