Program 1 
Continuously under stress and need to relax.  Use Program 1 once a week for general stress reduction.

Program 2:  Revitalize liquids, food, plants, animals, and individuals under the age of 12.

Watering_PlantsProgram also to be used with standard Chikey® cards. It takes approximately 100 seconds.

Liquids– Insert fiber optic cables with or without glass rods directly into glass or pitcher containing liquids
Plants—use water treated with the Chikey for house- hold plants. Soak to roots
Animals— secure glass rods to front legs of your pet. Run program 2 up to twice a week.

Program 3: ESI

SP2This program corrects electron spin inversion and is indicated when:

a)  You are tired all the time, even after a good night’s sleep.
b)  You do not react to treatments of any kind or even react the opposite way.
c)  You live in an environment that has electromagnetic or geomagnetic disturbances.

For this program you will need optional Package SP2.
All specific instructions are included with the package. The program takes 2 minutes.

program4Program 4: Foot Plates
SP3 Support Package for Dyslexia, or Brain Hemisphere Integration

In Biontology™, ‘dyslexia’ refers more generally to a lack of integration between the two hemispheres of the brain, and is not limited to reading disorders. In various alternative healing modalities, the pineal gland is considered to control the right brain hemisphere, and the pituitary gland the left brain hemisphere. Footplate sessions seem helpful to reintegrate the brain hemispheres and eliminate dyslexic symptoms.

Simply connect the footplates at the cables that normally connect the hand rods.
Place feet on the footplates and run Program 4.
Often, many sessions are required (~17 minutes per session, once daily for up to 40 days).

In order to make this treatment less time consuming for Biontologists™ and less expensive for their clients, this package is now available for the Chikey®. However, other factors can cause symptoms that look like dyslexia. If you suspect dyslexia, consider speaking to a trained Biontologist™ before starting this time-consuming treatment.


Program 5: Glass Hand Rods

Remove any symptoms that are associated with a scar in your light body, which presents symptoms  similar to those of whiplash.

Cosmetic: Optic Cablesscar

Treating visible scars on the body.
Scar tissue will decrease and may disappear completely.



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