New Certification Program

Clients have confronted us with the huge differences there are in the efficacy of biophoton treatment, especially in creating lasting effects, depending on who the practitioner is. We found that these differences are mainly caused by the level of understanding of Biontology® as Dr. J.C. Boswinkel has designed it and the willingness to adhere to basic protocols.

Without Biontology®, which is the therapy system developed to be used in combination with the biophoton instruments, the Chiren® can still give temporary improvement, but usually won”t go beyond symptom treatment. Far more treatments are needed this way.

Because we would like everyone who is looking for a way to improve their health to have an optimal experience with the biophoton treatment, the Health Angel Academy is now putting a Certification Program in place, so that skilled and professional practitioners will be recognisable in the future. Certified Biontologists® will be included in a program that allows them to grow and to be monitored on an ongoing basis, and hence will be able to use the Chiren® to its most effectiveness.

We strongly recommend to look for a Certified Biontologist® when looking for a truly transforming Biontology® experience. The only list that is accurate can be found here on this website.

Note that when a practitioner is not mentioned on this website, they are not certified and are legally prohibited to refer to themselves as Biontologists®.

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