Finding a Certified Biontologists®

Health Angel Foundation is aware of the importance of bringing clients into contact with the best possible practitioners, and only endorses those practitioners who have participated in ongoing training beyond their initial basic course, and who have shown through case-studies to understand, and work in line with, the protocols for safety and effectiveness as Johan Boswinkel has developed them.

In the list below you will find the ONLY practitioners who have been officially certified by Johan Boswinkel, thereby proving themselves to be proficient and reliable Certified Biontologists®.

Annette de Brueijs

Feiko Mintjes

Irina Gilligan

Tufan Guven

Kataleynah Van Maas

Corine Wantenaar

Monique Wanders

Ymkje de Groot

Anyone who is not on this list is legally prohibited from referring to themselves as “Certified Biontologist®“. Unfortunately we have to bring to your attention that there have been, and still are, several Chiren® owners who make false claims about being certified or about having been mentored personally by Johan Boswinkel.

If you have bad experiences, or any doubts about your practitioner, please contact our office.

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