Uses of the Chikey®

Various uses with the Chikey : 

  • EMF radiation sensitivity
  • People unable to schedule regular follow up appointments.
  • People susceptible to Spin Inversion
  • Upcoming or frequent Travel for Jet Lag
  • People susceptible to Whiplash (Athletes, Active Lifestyles)
  • People who have Scars
  • Professionals who can use the Chikey in their practice. (Chiropractors, Therapists,  Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists)
  • People with Intestinal Sensitivities
  • People wishing to  treat food and water
  • Persons with intermittent Food Poisoning
  • Energy deprived people
  • Dyslexia Issues

Additional Information

One can use the Chikey® to revitalize food, plants, liquids or animals, with the Chikey on Program 2.
Fiber optic cables with or without the glass rods may be inserted directly into a liquid container and treated.  Fruits and vegetables and other live food items partially submerged in water can be treated the same way. Plants will thrive using Chikey treated water.

Can be administered to animals similar to a “Chiren session” with footplates or rods.

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